Monday Maths challenges
See how many of these challenges you can complete!

Can you figure me out?
Dojo points for the first three people to answer my questions!

Monday Maths challenge

Stretch your Reasoning Muscle!
Try the challenges below…

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Look carefully at the graph below, then answer the questions.

1. Which city was the coldest?
2. What was the difference between the temperature in Berlin and Paris?
3. How much colder was Kiev than Madrid?
4. Write and answer your own question about the information.

Extra decimal challenge

Maths Challenge!
Can you stretch your Reasoning muscle and solve these puzzles?

Blake solved this really quickly in 1:1 yesterday. See how you get on with it!

Can you solve this puzzle? Stretch your Reasoning muscle!

Try this ratio challenge!

Percentage challenge

Fractions, decimals and percentages!
Match up the fractions, decimals and percentages in the game below.

Pie charts.
When you've constructed your pie chart, answer the questions below.

Maths Mindset
Read the quotes below. How might they help us with our Maths learning?

When you have made your own Pic Collage about circles, answer the questions below!

Algebra games!
Follow this link and have a go at the challenges...

Multiplying fractions by whole numbers

Stretch your Reasoning muscle!

Dividing Fractions!

Multiplying mixed numbers
When multiplying fractions gets easy, have a go at multiplying mixed numbers! Watch this video first for some useful tips...

Multiplying Fractions
Watch this video to see how easy multiplying fractions is! Then have a go yourself...

Adding fractions
Watch this Maths Antics video and then have a go yourself!

Use the Connect Four game below to practise finding equivalent fractions!

If you've forgotten everything about angles, watch this video as a reminder before next week!

Long division!
Watch this video to help with division problems that have 2-digit divisors.

Column Subtraction
If you're still having a bit of trouble, watch this video!

Extra Maths challenge!

Keep an eye on this page for some really good Maths tips, methods and videos...