Have a go at this!
See how many words you can make from the letters below. There is a nine-letter word; Dojo points for anyone who gets it!

Connect Four
Look for groups of words that have something in common to complete the challenge below…

Punctuation challenge

Re-write all the sentences below with perfect punctuation.

Choice of Language
Read the text below, then answer the two questions about language choices.

1. Find and copy four words or phrases that make the national park sound exciting.

2. The writer describes "imposing peaks". What effect does the word "imposing" have?

Subjunctive mood!
Follow the link below to read a really good explanation, then try the quiz to see how well you understand!

Holiday ads!
Watch the Blendspace below. Which advert is most likely to make you want to go on holiday, and why?

Chapter 13
Read the chapter openings below, and give some feedback! Remember that your feedback needs to be kind, specific and helpful.

Tuesday Challenge!
Look carefully at the picture below, then use your inference skills to answer the questions!

1. This picture is called "Nostalgia". What does that mean and why is it a good title?
2. Why is there a younger man reflected in the water? Is it the same man?
3. What do you think the men are holding? Why do you think this?
4. Why might the artist have included hearts in the picture?
5. How does the old man feel about his memories? Do you think they are good ones?
6. Is the position of the sun trying to tell us anything?

Jessie flashback scene

Guided Reading questions

Post your questions!

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What do you think about this poem?

How animals survive in extreme environments
Watch the videos below. Can you say what their purpose is?

Move it!
Spin the spinner and demonstrate how to move in that way. Have fun...

How to change the world!

This is the trailer for the film version of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Use it help you predict what will happen in the rest of the story...

Watch these clips from Indiana Jones to give you ideas for your films!

Watch this trailer!

Watch this video about Anne and her family being taken to Auschwitz. It will help you write your diary entry.

Watch this clip! What kind of text is it from?