Bridge challenge!

On Friday Year 5 and 6 went head to head in the Science Week bridge challenge! We tested the strongest bridge from each class to see which would be the ultimate winner… it was close! Year 5’s bridge held more weight, but it gave us lots to think about!

Science week!

Year 6 have made a great start to Science week; we spent the afternoon designing and building our bridges. I saw some fantastic perseverance and collaboration; I wonder whose bridge we will choose for the head-to-head challenge with Year 5?

A morning at the EIS

Key Stage 2 spent the morning at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield, using their amazing facilities! We had a great time and discovered some hidden sporting talents! Really proud of you Year 6 for some brilliant perseverance and for the way you all supported each other. Well done!

Investigating Electricity

Year 6 have spent the afternoon investigating electricity. From making electronic fidget spinners to using balloons to give ourselves new hairstyles, we learned a lot about what we could do with electricity! You were super scientists, Year 6!

Maya people!

We stretched our Imitation muscles today to make the kind of head dress the Maya people would have worn. The bigger the head dress, the more important you were! Have a look at the pictures below; who would have been king of the city?