Welcome back!

Hope you’re all ready for the challenges of the last term of Year 6! It’s going to be a bit of a rollercoaster, but I know you’re all going to be amazing.

Make sure you’re at school on time tomorrow for a cup of tea and biscuits to set us up for the day! See you all in the morning!


Thursday Morning Challenge

Look closely at the picture below; use your Noticing muscle and inference skills to answer the questions.

1. Who lives in this house and what jobs might they have had? How do you know?
2. Did they know the cyclone was coming? Did they get out of the house in time?
3. What is going to happen to the house?
4. Will the owners return? How will they feel if they do?
5. Describe the scene.


Morning challenge

Look carefully at the picture below, the answer the questions in your Notebook.

1. Describe the scene, without using the words “white” or “cold”.
2. Why is the wolf howling?
3. Do you think any humans live here? Why or why not?
4. What do you need to do to the word “wolf” to turn it into a plural? What other words follow that rule?
5. Write your own question about the picture.